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Henacraft Limited was established in Norwich in 2002. Since then, it has evolved and grown, developing new products and services in response to needs of the customers.
This evolutionary process continues apace in 2004, with the formation of The Henacraft Limited, creating a number of separate divisions.
In creating The Henacraft Limited we developed a structure that better enables us to respond to the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing property and housing regeneration market.
With an eye to future, new divisions / subsidiaries are expected to be added to the company. This could be as a result of strategic mergers or through the transfer of housing needs of housing needs from local authorities to the private sector. The scale and number of opportunities are immense and our strength, stability and financial standing along with the necessary drive and determination will ensure that Henacraft Limited will be in an ideal position to take advantage of the market while offering the most suitable and cost effective solutions for all of our customers.
Vision and Values
People and community are at the heart of everything we do, and our vision and values have not altered much from our inception in 2002.
“To provide housing and associated services for those in need within Norwich and surrounding districts”
Our business objectives reflect this vision and will assist in making it a reality, our objectives are;
  •   Increasing loyalty of our existing clients.
  •   Gaining new clients proactively.
  •   Developing new products and services to increase our client base.
  •   Improving upon our current portfolio of assets through acquisitions, disposals and      investments.
  •   Continually and proactively monitoring and controling operations to enhance financial      performance.
  •   Establishing the Henacraft limited as an influential, ethical and socially responsible     organisation
In keeping with our business objectives, we fully understand that effective governance / management is crucial. It must encompass all aspect of our work, from structure and relationships with governing bodies, to ensuring that the right people with the right skills are in place and fully competent to carry out their respective roles.
Our strategy in the creation of Henacraft Limited has been to ensure that;
Effective Governance is achieved by the involvement of competent individuals with a mix of knowledge and skills.
The structure enables a diverse working style while encouraging growth by helping to include new organisations and partnerships.
At the hub of Henacraft Limited is an advisory committee, whose role is to provide overall strategic direction and policy framework, leaving day to day operations of the group to their individual boards.
The role of the advisory committee is vitally important in providing strategic direction and ensuring adherence to the companies’ values. Committee give their time and expertise to ensure the highest standards of accountability and probity across all the companies’ activities.
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